How do you take something classic and seemingly simple like a deviled egg and make it a religious experience? You start with the finest ingredients! From the eggs themselves to the spices and all of the other ingredients, you can expect exceptional quality. With every bite, Lucifer’s Deviled Eggs will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a gourmet restaurant even if you’re just in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you choose to serve them as an appetizer, a side dish, or even a main course, deviled eggs are always a crowd-pleaser. But because perfectly boiling the eggs and filling each one can be time-consuming, many only indulge in making this dish on special occasions. Lucifer’s Deviled Eggs takes the time-consuming assembly out of deviled eggs. When you buy from us, you can have as many wickedly gourmet deviled eggs as you want and as often as you’d like. And you’ll be able to choose from numerous original, devilishly delicious flavors!

Deviled Eggs for Sale for Good

Lucifer’s Deviled Eggs is on a mission—and it’s more than just crafting and delivering our wickedly gourmet creations. We want to play a role in fighting for the advancement of LGBTQ rights in communities and workplaces. Every person deserves equal rights and equal treatment no matter who they love, what their sexuality is, or what their gender is.

We are especially passionate about supporting trans individuals right here in our local community. For every purchase you make, we will donate a portion of the profits to trans people getting top surgeries. We also are always on the lookout for other ways we can make a positive difference. When you order our gourmet deviled eggs, you can be a part of making a difference too!

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